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ATMOD Now Available

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Jack Fuse is proud to announce the official release of the ATMOD.

The ATMOD is a pre-made end of line resistor pack with quick connect terminals that has been specifically designed for the security industry.

Once you start using the ATMOD you will never want to go back to resistors!

The ATMOD allows installers to terminate EOL resistors in a fraction of the time and eliminates mistakes or broken resistors. Standard alarm cable can be stripped and pushed into the ATMOD without the need for a screw driver, crimping or soldering. Even a brand new apprentice can’t get it wrong!

The ATMOD is available now from Seadan Security and Electronics in a range of DEOL values for common alarm/access panels. Click here for more technical information.

ATMOD EOL Resistor Pack

ATMOD EOL reed switch

ATMOD terminated to a reed switch