What is next for the Power Port Range?

The time has come to evaluate the current design of the PP8FR and PP4F against current market needs.

We would greatly appreciate any feed back or new ideas from installers of our Power Port range. If you have any comments or want to make suggestions for new features please feel free to comment on this blog post or use the contact for at jackfuse.com

4 Responses to “What is next for the Power Port Range?”

  1. Would you consider a 16 way board?
    P2 F+ terminals can be set to output N/C Dry Contact Fire Signal to next board to match incoming FIP signal.
    Bypass jumpers or button to shunt incoming fire signal directly to outgoing fire signal to isolate the board from the fire circuit.
    Love this product BTW.

  2. Jack Fuse says:

    We did consider a 16 way board at one stage however the current starts to become a problem. It worked out cheaper to use two 8 way modules rather than pay the extra dollars for higher current rated relay, terminals and PCB.

    We have put another set of dry contacts on the wish list for the next version. These would be slaved to the fire trip relay. Could be used to cascade the trip or even to trip something else like an auto door or other plant. Note: it is not feasible to slave the fire trip from the FIP directly if it is a dry contact.

    We will look into the by-pass option. Definately a usefull tool, however I would worry about the posibility of the by-pass being left on.

  3. Stephen Doyle says:

    Board alarm output remains in alarm until Bypass OFF. Bypass to operate if board depowered.

  4. Jack Fuse says:

    Thanks Stephen,

    Good idea, I will put some thought into how to acheive this. The PP8FR is designed to be inherently fail safe so a by pass would require carefull design.

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