PP10HD Product Information Page

The PP10HD is a high density power distribution module with 10 PPTC resettable fused outputs. The module is designed for providing protected power distribution to electronic security devices such as locks, motion detectors, sirens, expander modules, sirens and more.

Jack Fuse PP10 HD

High Density Fuse Module Resettable Fuses

PP10HD full data sheet (PDF)

PP10HD Installation

PP10HD full install note (PDF)

Resettable Fuses

The on board fuses are rated to provide 1A of continuous current and will trip when a short circuit or other similar fault occurs.

The poly fuses will re-set once the fault condition has cleared allowing the security system to effectively “self heal” and removing the need to call out a technician to find and replace traditional fuses.

Wire/Cable Sizes

The PP10HD terminals are special double deck models with the lower deck providing ground connections and the upper deck fused positive output power.

Max conductor size 3.3 mm2 or 12 AWG
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