PRODUCT UPDATE: The ATMOD line is currently out of production due to increasing component costs. A re-design is in the works and we will hopefully have a new ATMOD product line available in the future.

Updates will be posted to this page. Jack Fuse apologies for any inconvenience and messed up EOL resistor networks that may be caused. If you have any feed back or would like some input into the new ATMOD design please comment on the main blog page.

ATMOD Product Information Page

The ATMOD is a pre-built End of Line (EOL) resistor pack with quick connect terminals designed to make terminating alarm/access control devices fast and error free.

ATMOD EOL Resistor Pack Terminated

ATMOD EOL Resistor Pack Terminated to a Reed Switch

ATMOD full data sheet (PDF)

ATMOD Installation

ATMOD full install note (PDF)

Simply strip alarm wires about 5mm, twist and insert into the ATMOD. A small tab identifies the end that should be connected to the alarm sensor/reed switch ect. No terminal driver required. The wire insulation can be pushed a short way into the ATMOD terminal so that no copper wire is visible.

ATMOD EOL Resistor Pack Installation Diagram

ATMOD Installation Diagram

Connections to devices without fly leads such as a break glass unit is as simple as taking a few seconds to strip short pieces of wire to act as a fly lead between the ATMOD and any device with terminals.

Wire Removal

If you want to disconnect and re-use the ATMOD you can remove the wires by inserting a 2mm flat blade terminal driver into the slot above the wire. Repeat for all wires.

ATMOD De-termination

Colour Codes/Values

Currently the ATMOD is available in the following double EOL resistor values to suit many common alarm/access control systems.


BLUE – 2K2/6K8

YELLOW - 4K7/4K7

RED – 10K/10K

More values will be added on demand. If you require a different value please contact Jack Fuse HERE

Wire/Cable Sizes

The ATMOD terminals are special Phoenix Contact connectors and designed to work with wire sizes within the below range.

Min conductor size (stranded) .2 mm2 or 24 AWG
Max conductor size .5mm2 or 20 AWG

In practice we have been able to use smaller conductors if they are stiff or tinned and larger (up to 18 AWG) conductors with no problems.

ATMOD pre-built EOL resitor alarm network

ATMOD Red (10K/10K)